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  • Document Flow
  • Decreased Process Cycle Times
    • elimination of internal mail delays and lost documents
  • Reduced Costs of Handling
    • elimination of document shipping costs to / from field offices
    • reduced admin ‘search’ time
  • Tracking & Audit Trails
    • every document now has a detailed and exact history
      (SOX, CSOX, Audit & Compliance)
  • Increased Control
    • enforcement of corporate policies for spending / approvals
      (approval levels, delegation)
  • Measurable Activities
    • tools to measure efficiencies, gaps and bottlenecks
  • Cost Reductions
    • reduced staffing
    • cost avoidance (acquisitions, increased volume)
    • capitalize on large invoice discounting
  • Security & Confidentiality
    • automated processes, detailed Audit Trail