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Citation Oil & Gas Corp.  Search and recovery missions to find misplaced, overdue and lost invoices from frustrated vendors and suppliers. Struggling to get overdue invoice approvals from engineers and operations employees. These issues are common to mid-size independent oil & gas companies in the US but as Citation Oil & Gas Corp. discovered, there is a solution that delivers measurable results. Read the full story.

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Welcome to Powervision Software Inc.



  • Document Flow
  • Decreased Process Cycle Times
    • elimination of internal mail delays and lost documents
  • Reduced Costs of Handling
    • elimination of document shipping costs to / from field offices
    • reduced admin ‘search’ time
  • Tracking & Audit Trails
    • every document now has a detailed and exact history
      (SOX, CSOX, Audit & Compliance)
  • Increased Control
    • enforcement of corporate policies for spending / approvals
      (approval levels, delegation)
  • Measurable Activities
    • tools to measure efficiencies, gaps and bottlenecks
  • Cost Reductions
    • reduced staffing
    • cost avoidance (acquisitions, increased volume)
    • capitalize on large invoice discounting
  • Security & Confidentiality
    • automated processes, detailed Audit Trail