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Citation Oil & Gas Corp.  Search and recovery missions to find misplaced, overdue and lost invoices from frustrated vendors and suppliers. Struggling to get overdue invoice approvals from engineers and operations employees. These issues are common to mid-size independent oil & gas companies in the US but as Citation Oil & Gas Corp. discovered, there is a solution that delivers measurable results. Read the full story.

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Welcome to Powervision Software Inc.



PowerView is an enterprise-class Integrated Document Management product suite that lets you capture, organize, index, store, secure, access and transfer corporate documents the way you always wanted it: without leaving your desk!


PowerView was designed and developed from the ground up with three main objectives: Flexibility, Scalability, Ease of use. PowerView can be implemented in a small departmental environment supporting few users, or as your enterprise-wide solution, supporting thousands of users and millions of documents.


From Corporate Paper Storm to Electronic Order


PowerView's flexible EFR (Electronic File Room) allows you to keep your thousands of documents neatly organized in a easy to understand Room/Cabinet/Drawer/Folder/Document hierarchy.


Each level is user-defined and can be labeled by the user to reflect its content (e.g. Country/State/City/Customer/Statement). An unlimited number of such hierarchies can be defined. And your corporate information is now more secure than ever with PowerView's comprehensive multi-level security.


Mass Storage


PowerView does not use proprietary file formats and it lets you choose the storage technology most appropriate to your needs. You can take full advantage of virtually any storage media, including magnetic, RAID, Optical, WORM, CD-ROM, etc. Today's advanced Network Storage Systems allow easy access to hundreds of Gigabytes online, and with its automatic pre-fetching and caching mechanism PowerView ensures optimum performance, regardless of the size of your document database.

PowerView's modules address the many technologies of EDM (Electronic Document Management) in a fully integrated and scalable product set:

  • PowerView/EIM: A powerful Electronic Image Management system, designed for mission-critical Document Imaging applications. PowerView/EIM incorporates all the components for a complete Document Imaging solution, including high-speed Scanning, Quality Control, Indexing, Document Security and Document Viewing.

  • PowerView/ERM: A state-of-the-art Electronic Report Management system (formerly known as COLD technology), that eliminates the printing, distributing and filing of computer-generated reports. PowerView/ERM incorporates all the components of a complete Report Management solution, including unlimited user-defined indexing structures, high-speed report file Indexing, Document Security and Document Viewing.

  • PowerView/EDM: A sophisticated Electronic Document Management system, that organizes, secures, and distributes your corporate electronic documents such as Word Processing and Spreadsheet files without the need for the native application.

  • PowerView/CAD: Specifically designed to manage your Engineering and CAD drawings in their native formats, allowing access by all your corporate users without the need for expensive desktop CAD software.

  • PowerView/AIS: The Application Integration Server module allows you to quickly enable any of your Windows-based corporate applications to access PowerView documents, with virtually no development effort.
  • PowerView/WEB: A Web based document search tool, which allows you to find and view documents using a powerful and easy to use query mechanism, from anywhere in the world using the internet.

All PowerView modules can be used independently or fully integrated. All modules share a common database repository and document viewer.