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Citation Oil & Gas Corp.  Search and recovery missions to find misplaced, overdue and lost invoices from frustrated vendors and suppliers. Struggling to get overdue invoice approvals from engineers and operations employees. These issues are common to mid-size independent oil & gas companies in the US but as Citation Oil & Gas Corp. discovered, there is a solution that delivers measurable results. Read the full story.

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Welcome to Powervision Software Inc.



Leading Edge Technology Made Simple


Powervision Software Inc. is a privately held company incorporated in February 1992. The company's mission is to be a leading provider of enterprise-class Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions in the international marketplace.


Powervision's focus is on developing comprehensive, world-class EDM software with unparalleled ease of use. With the addition of specialized hardware and services, the company provides its customers with real EDM solutions to real business problems.


Powervision's customers use its EDM solutions to capture, manage and efficiently use the vital corporate knowledge contained in their documents. With a Powervision solution they achieve:

  • fast and flexible implementations
  • ease of use
  • low total cost of ownership and
  • a rapid return on investment.

Company History


1992: Incorporated
1993: First imaging product shipment (PowerView/EIM)
1994: First report management product shipment (PowerView/ERM)
1996: Achieved market leadership in Canadian energy industry
1998: First workflow product shipment (PowerRoute)


Sales and Support


Powervision sells and supports its products to customers directly, as well as through alliances and partnerships with systems integrators, consultants, service providers and software developers. These companies combine their expertise, products and services with Powervision solutions to more fully address customer requirements.




Powervision provides a cross-market EDM solution that is not specific to a line of business or location. Organizations in many different industries and cities have successfully implemented Powervision solutions. Powervision customers range from a top Canadian Oil & Gas Producer with annual revenues over $10 billion, to Transportation company with less than 100 employees.


Strategic Plan


Powervision has achieved consistent financial growth and increasing market share with a focused approach to delivering quickly implemented enterprise-class EDM solutions, directly and through strategic partnerships.

In the future, Powervision will maintain this focus on fast implementations, enterprise-class technology and strategic partnership.


When an organization addresses its initial EDM requirements with Powervision solutions, it often applies them to many other kinds of applications throughout the enterprise. This growth in customers and customer satisfaction is the key to Powervision's success in the future.